...Because you deserve to sound your absolute best!


I offer a 5-day return policy on all reeds. If I have left you unsatisfied with your purchase, please message me and I will replace your reed at no extra cost.  Please allow 3-5 weeks for delivery. 

As an educator, I understand the need for quality materials for the professional and developing oboists. Quality is my promise. My aim for quality in addition to my teaching responsibilities and active performing/teaching schedule with the Akropolis Reed Quintet, unfortunately, does not lend for speedy delivery of reeds. I apologize for this. If speed is a concern, I can recommend some other very qualified reed makers who will be able to suit your needs.


Please limit your orders to 3 reeds at a time.  

Note: Living up at 5,000 ft in Colorado, my specialty will be making reeds suitable for altitude. If you are ordering from an area that is lower than 5,000 feet, you will have to make your own adjustments to my reeds. I have found clipping the tip, smoothing out transitions, and scraping in the back little by little to be the best fix, as reeds coming from elevation will be flat due to needing to scrape more out of the reed to get it to vibrate. I will try to keep thicker proportions and a longer tip to help with the readjustment process. Thank you for your understanding.