Made with a Kunibert gouging machine and shaped with a Caleb -1 or Sara shaper tip. Not sure which shape is right for you? Here's a little about each! You can't go wrong with either of these shapes, but there are a couple slight differences. 


Caleb -1: This shape tends to have more of a robust, complex sound, allowing for a larger palette for color flexibility. 


Sara: This shape tends to produce a more dolce, sweet sound and also sits a bit higher in the top register of the oboe. It's character is a bit mellower than that of the Caleb -1.   


For more information on Adam shaper tips, visit:

Professional Oboe Reed

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  • I offer a 5-day return policy on all reeds for those living at or above 4,000 ft. If I have left you unsatisfied with your purchase, please message me and I will replace your reed at no extra cost.

    Refunds not available to those living below 4,000 ft. Living up at 5,000 ft in Colorado, my specialty will be making reeds suitable for this altitude. If you are ordering from an area that is lower than 5,000 feet, you will have to make your own adjustments to my reeds. I will make sure to keep thicker proportions and a longer tip to help with the readjustment process. Thank you for your understanding.